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CMATS Testimonials

     "My two sons have been training at CMATS for 3 1/2 years now, both kids love going to their weekly classes. Jordan & Jenny make every child feel like they belong and are an important member of the group. His patience, encouragement and friendly attitude make for a very supportive learning environment. Learning the martial art of Modern Arnis, with the emphasis on safety and self defence, has given both kids a sense of confidence and self-esteem yet it all happens in a very fun and relaxed environment!"

-- Parent of 2 Students, Daisy Jassar

     "As a parent, I’m very pleased with the CMATS programme for my two children aged nine and thirteen. In addition to both self-defense and discipline, they have the opportunity to work on leadership and build their self-esteem all in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Modern Arnis affords them the chance to progress at their own pace while working as part of a cooperative group. Best of all, they’re always excited to go!"

-- Parent of 2 Students, Terry Quiring

     "I don't really know what it is, I just like training and it makes me happy!"

-- Junior Student, Rajan Jassar

     "I like learning how to use an opponent's energy against themselves, and I have a lot of fun."

-- Junior Student, Jeevan Jassar

     "Coming to CMATS is getting away from all the busy stuff during the day and its great exercise, without homework!"

-- Junior Student, Zosha Quiring

     "Well, Modern Arnis is very enjoyable and i get to play on the tires."

-- Junior Student, Max Quiring

     "I like the sticks and the instructors are wonderful!"

-- Junior Student, William "Willy" Cahoon

     "Look forward to coming here every week, enjoying my time and learning to defend myself. Jordan Dellabough is not only my instructor but a "family" friend to me. I recognize his integrity in every class."

-- was Junior Student now Adult Student, Samantha Foote

     "CMATS is comforting and a very "live and happy" environment, not scary strict but yet Jordan "Sir" instills discipline. He is very genuine and non-judgemental and I am very glad to have met him."

-- was Junior Student now Adult Student, Emma Gannon

     "Compared to all the martial arts training I have been involved with prior to joining CMATS, Jordan's relaxed and "out of the box" style of training is extremely refreshing. His incorporation of non-static techniques develops effective reflexes instead of repetitive patterns. I have so much fun in his classes I forget that I am not 20 but almost 50 years old; truly my fountain of youth."

-- Sincerely, Donald B.L. Smith

     "Being nervous and brand new to martial arts, Jordan and the CMATS students instantly made me feel comfortable and welcome. Their cheerful patience, dedication to learning, and emphasis on safety has allowed me to grow confidence in my skills and at my own pace, while still being encouraged to attain goals I thought beyond my ability to achieve."

-- Adult Student, Anastasia Koop

     "CMATS offers a welcoming and supportive environment with a dynamic and effective martial art. I wouldn't train anywhere else."

-- Adult Student, Nick "Awesome Shark" Hebda

     "The studio has a friendly atmosphere and is a place that values the progress of the students physically and mentally."

-- Adult Student, Greg Hanson