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CMATS Child & Youth FAQ

10) What is Modern Arnis?

Great for all ages! Modern Arnis, created by the late Professor Remy A. Presas, is known as one of the most effective self-defense systems in the world! This martial art and fighting system is based on a comprehensive theory of physical movement and developed through an in-depth understanding of combative responses. There are more ways to tackle a challenge than kicks and punches and Modern Arnis will provide any child or youth with an exciting repertoire of strikes, blocks, baits, traps, joint locks, disarms, take-downs and submissions. Modern Arnis is a complete and dynamic style of self-defense.

Canada’s leading Modern Arnis Instructor, Jordan Dellabough of CMATS, welcomes you to share in his knowledge. With good practice your child or youth will develop useful and practical techniques that will compliment their life and guide them toward understanding how to “Go with the Flow”!

9) What are some of the benefits of Modern Arnis?

Modern Arnis is exciting, fun and improves coordination, reflexes, strength, concentration, focus, discipline, goal setting, self-esteem and respect. It is great for building confidence, fitness and agility. Every student is lifted up and encouraged to be the best they can be. This is not about competition, but it is about health, personal security and creating a brighter future.

8) What age can you start?

CMATS start children at age 4, with unique classes designed for the age appropriate groups. "Lil Stix" are 4 to 7 years old and "Youth Class" is 8 to 16 years old.

7) Are the adults and children classes seperate?

Yes, the adult classes are seperated from the children classes. Also, the age groups have two different curriculums. As safety is our main priority, there is always a highly qualified adult instructor on the mats ensuring a wonderful and healthy environment for the students.

6) What are the costs?

There is a one-time registration fee that provides a uniform shirt and equipment, and goes towards setting up a file to track the progress of each student. Then you just have a monthly fee for the training cost. If a student gets involved with promotions, then there is a small fee on the day of and includes a belt. CMATS also qualifies for the Children's Fitness Tax Credit, a benefit to you.

5) Can I watch a class?

The parents are encouraged to watch class. Note: sometimes parents read or due work in the lounge area or wait in the vehicle or go shopping due to the child or youth wants time for themselves. We do ask that no phone calls are made while class is in session, or to please step outside to make the call.

4) When can I start?

The system is designed so that anyone can start at anytime during the month or year. CMATS implemented this system years ago and it has been very successful for all age groups.

3) What do i need to wear to my first class?

CMATS asks that a t-shirt and sweat pants be worn to the 2 free introductary classes. As well, socks are neccessary for open wounds on the feet or other medical issues. Please, come with clean hands and long hair pulled back for health and safety.

2) Is there a belt system?

Yes. Please refer to a picture on our Introduction Page. The belt system tracks progress and what the student is learning. Also, it is a great tool for goal setting skills and achieving success!

1) How long does it take to get a Black Belt?

When a student displays a focus for a goal, they are supported and given tools to achieve success! As everyone is unique in their abilities and skill sets the time line to achieve a Black Belt in Modern Arnis can range from 4 years and up. Dedication from the student and the parents' support, combined with the CMATS Instructors is invaluable.