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Cambridge, ON  -  47 pictures
May, 2013
Thanks to Jordan Dellabough for making the long trek East and teaching 7 plus hours of Modern Arnis to over 20 participants this past weekend. It was so much fun to bang sticks again with someone who has put in the hours to truly master the art.

Victoria, BC  -  46 pictures
May, 2013
CMATS hosted an open seminar featuring I.M.A.F., Inc. Grandmaster & Successor Jeff Delaney! We had a great time learning from him and meeting alot of new people while training the revered martial art of Modern Arnis. Thanks to everyone for coming and making this event a success. Enjoy the pictures!

Victoria, BC  -  26 pictures
February, 2013
Modern Arnis WINTER Camp 2013!! CMATS had another great weekend headed up by Jordan Dellabough. He truely knows how to put on a successful camp from belly slapping techniques to effective hand/eye training drills. Everyone went home very happy. Thank-you and "way to go" for those who promoted!

Victoria, BC  -  42 pictures
July, 2012
Modern Arnis SUMMER Camp 2012!! 1st rule about camp, don't talk about camp. So we are going to let the pictures talk instead.

Victoria, BC  -  49 pictures
May, 2012
What a great visit CMATS had with the I.M.A.F., Inc. Grandmaster Jeff Delaney in beautiful Victoria, BC.
As per his style, GM Delaney presented the exciting martial art of Modern Arnis, highlighting the effectiveness, ability to adapt, and countless executions that are possible. Thank-you for his time, support and we look forward to seeing him again.

Cambridge, ON  -  51 pictures
February, 2012
CMATS Modern Arnis alive and thriving in Ontario! Great to be back sharing Professor Remy A. Presas Modern Arnis with a highly motivated group of martial artists. From Sarnia,ON to Alliston, ON it was a good time enjoying great company and dedicated practice. Did someone say their brain hurts?!

Victoria, BC  -  46 pictures
February, 2012
Modern Arnis Winter CAMP!! Those sticks were fast as lighting...Left vs Right was fun and exciting! There was some poking along with some choking and the sticks did end up smoking. Everyone had a great time, can't wait till Summer CAMP 2012.

Victoria, BC  -  23 pictures
August, 2011
CMATS Grand Opening!! What a wondeful day with so many people coming by to see this facility dedicated to Modern Arnis. Great space, great location and a fast, effective and fun self-defense system.

Victoria, BC  -  45 pictures
August, 2011
CMATS Summer Camp - 1200 strikes anyone?!? Great job by all participants at this camp.

Victoria, BC  -  24 pictures
February, 2011
CMATS Winter Camps just keep getting better. If you were looking for fast, effective techniques then you came to the right place. The dedicated group put in long hours of practicing various counters, disarms, locks, takedowns and submissions. To say it was "Very Stimulating" would be putting it lightly. Thank-you to Jordan Dellabough for his time and love for the art of Modern Arnis.
Victoria, BC  -  58 pictures
November, 2010
There are no secrets ~ Grandmaster Jeff Delaney visits Victoria,BC for the second time this year! There is always soo much to take away from a seminar like this. From the beginner to the advanced, everyone not only had a good time but took home a "BIGGER" picture of Modern Arnis. Thank-you to Brij Charan for the professional photos which are clearly marked.
Victoria, BC  -  46 pictures
August, 2010
SUMMER Camp 2010 in Victoria! This was the 2nd annual summer camp to be held at CMATS Headquarters and what an great experience. If the opportunity exists to attend a Modern Arnis camp instucted by Jordan Dellabough, it is highly recommended. The attendees really enjoyed working with one another and the training lasted over 12 hours in 2 days...good job everyone.
Victoria, BC  -  37 pictures
June, 2010
CMATS Students got to enjoy a visit and 4 1/2 hour seminar from Grandmaster Jeff Delaney of the I.M.A.F.,Inc. He shared concepts and techniques taught to him by the Creator of Modern Arnis, Professor Remy A. Presas. Great training and alot of FUN! Did someone say, "get 2 chairs"?
Moose Jaw, SK  -  38 pictures
May, 2010
Modern Arnis & Self-Defense enthusiasts enjoyed the opportunity to train with Jordan Dellabough of CMATS. From the Attendees to Mr. Dellabough's detailed knowledge of making it work for each individual, puts this seminar as a "must attend"!
Cambridge & Brantford, ON  -  46 pictures
April, 2010
The Cambridge/Brantford Modern Arnis seminars drew 25 hard working Attendees. The theme for the seminars given by Jordan Dellabough of CMATS was "refinement and closing gaps". Thank-you to the Hosts for going above and beyond to make the visit most enjoyable. Look forward to training in the fall. Did someone say, "FIRE Alarm!"?
Victoria, BC  -  41 pictures
February, 2010
The 1st CMATS Winter Camp was a complete success. From the awesome energy of the attendees, to good laughs, hard training and great Modern Arnis techniques and drills...this camp has really set the bar.
Cambridge, ON  -  37 pictures
November, 2009
Does not matter what martial art you practice, Modern Arnis will improve your skills. Which is why Modern Arnis is known as "the art with-in the art". The Cambridge/Brantford seminar attendees enjoyed having Jordan Dellabough of CMATS visit again, sharing a wealth of knowledge from simple concepts to advanced applications. This is a seminar not to miss!
Moose Jaw, SK  -  35 pictures
October, 2009
Modern Arnis brought together FAMILIAR and NEW faces for a great day of training with Jordan Dellabough of CMATS! Hope to see you all in the spring of 2010...Thank-you for your hospitality.
Courtenay, BC  -  13 pictures
October, 2009
Kru Shawn Carpenter and Students of Warrior's Realm Muay Thai & MMA Academy train hard in Modern Arnis instructed by Jordan Dellabough of CMATS at their beautiful, new facility!
Victoria, BC  -  44 pictures
October, 2009
CMATS Martial Art is visited by Modern Arnis Successor Jeff Delaney. A four hour seminar turned into five and half with a wealth of knowledge being passed on to the next generation of Modern Arnis students.
Victoria, BC  -  47 pictures
August, 2009
CMATS 1st all-intensive 2-Day Modern Arnis Summer Camp with Jordan Dellabough! An experience not to be missed. Thank-you to everyone who made this event a success. Shall we do a Winter Camp?!?
Moose Jaw, SK  -  21 pictures
May, 2009
Jordan Dellabough of CMATS sees growth of Modern Arnis in Sask! Training never stopped from the moment he arrived to the moment he left!
Cambridge, ON  -  34 pictures
March, 2009
Ontario Karate School enjoys what Modern Arnis has to offer! Look forward to the fall seminar.