CMATS Vision
(established since January 2004)
Vision: 4) great perception of future development

In creating CMATS, we explored a variety of ideas and decided upon a foundation of core values that will embrace Canadian culture while practicing martial art.  It is essential in today's society to become more aware of the multiculturalism which makes up our country.  In doing so we can create a balanced connection that allows us to live in peace.  Equally as important is how all men and women can recognize their strengths and goals to become interdependent and harmonious to aid in improving Canadian life.  Our mission is to provide a fun, exciting and friendly atmosphere where growth of physical abilities and mental awareness, thru conscientious training, will lead to upright and moralistic individuals.  Such individuals can then reach out and give back to society and achieve a positive effect.

As diverse and unique as cultures are, so are people's lives and circumstances.  This leads us to our second mission, which is being accessible and devoted to the training of both females and males.  The coexistence of the sexes is crucial to the future of Canadian Modern Arnis Training Studios. 

 CMATS has taken the martial art, Modern Arnis, and adjusted it slightly to include Canadian customs that are practiced on and off the mats.  Please understand we do provide the history and past customs to show respect and to understand the roots from which it came.

Modern Arnis, created in the Philippines and shared around the world by the Founder Remy A. Presas, has a repertoire of refined techniques to tackle long distance, midrange, close quarters, going to the ground, grappling and submissions.  By having an affiliation to Professors' Successor and most skilled Senior Instructor, allows us to receive enhanced instruction and feel a candid connection to the Professor. 

Modern Arnis is practiced in pairs and on an individual basis.  When practiced in pairs, our bodies train the instincts while our minds grow aware of our surroundings.  This is only one example of how to forge the "heart", which is the sole purpose to training Martial Art.

The final mission is that CMATS will evolve the outlook of Martial Arts in Canada and elevate it to a pillar needed in the infrastructure of society.  A step in the advancement of Martial Arts in our society will allow it to grow and adapt for future generations to partake.  To achieve this we hope to be judged by our actions.

• Respect thru Consideration, Truth thru Confidence, Honour thru Dignity, Fortitude thru Enlightenment •

 to visit a training studio nearest you (or contact us) and become part of a fun, exciting and purposeful martial art.

C "you on the" MATS