Welcome to CMATS led by Jordan Dellabough and affiliated with the Remy A. Presas' International Modern Arnis Federation led by Successor Jeffrey Delaney.

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Modern Arnis SUMMER Camp 2015 Saturday July 18th & 19th, 2015 - register as soon as possible!!

CMATS Headquarters - Class Schedule

Creator of Modern Arnis
Remy A. Presas
(1936 - 2001)
Professor Remy A. PresasFor more than 50 years, Remy Amador Presas pursued his passion for the stick, knife, sword, dagger and empty hand in the name of Modern Arnis, the Philippine martial art he created and refined.  Professor's ideas and energy live on in what is 'the art within the art'.

Oct 17, 2015
Open Seminar

Kitchener, ON Canada
Jordan Dellabough of CMATS will teach a 4 hour "OPEN" Modern Arnis Seminar during the day and another 2 hour "Rank Grading" that night. This seminar is OPEN to the general public as well as martial artists of all styles and skill levels.  This seminar is an opportunity to have fun training empty hand combat, 2 sticks vs 1 stick, E.W.A., stick vs stick techinques and more...!
Contact: Neil McGillivray
Email: senseineil@bell.net
Phone: (519) 622-0586

Jul 18th & 19th, 2015
SUMMER Camp 2015

Victoria, BC Canada
Jordan Dellabough and CMATS Martial Art will teach a 2-day all intensive Modern Arnis SUMMER Camp open to the general public as well as martial artists of all styles and skill levels. This is the 11th camp to be held in Victoria! Certificate of Attendance will be handed out.
Contact: CMATS
Email: cmats@modernarnis.ca
Phone: (250) 298-8000